Our DayZ private shard server is designed by survivors for survivors.

We are Survival enthusiasts. We want our server to be based on the roots and idea of DayZ: Simply surviving in a apocalyptic world.

Of course PVP comes with that, but we don’t want to encourage it.

Some of our server features are:

  • Increased daytime
  • Decreased Zombies – Too many zombies are annoying. We decreased them to a point where they are a threat, but not overly annoying.
  • Increased Loot – We have increased loot in many areas, and will continue to tweak it.
  • Starting Gear / Weapon – Helps you get started in the game. As many more people start playing, we’ll remove the weapons.
  • Active Admins

Most importantly on our server, ADMINS cannot cheat. Admins are the same as you; Survivors just wanting to play the game! They are simply here to keep cheaters out. Zero admin abuse will be tolerated.

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