DayzMod Update , No more dayzcommander? for now

Many of us use and love DayZcommander. It’s the easiest way to find and join DayZ Mod Servers. However a recent update to DayZ Mod has broken DayZcommander. The new update is a fix to resolve the GameSpy network, which is previously is what was required to join DayZ servers. Since the GameSpy network is shutting down, you won’t be able to join servers with anything that relied on his service, such as DayzCommander. The update makes you connect through steam now, and uses the steam services to get server data.

This is the email i got from the server host:

This is quick warning that GameSpy the provider of the server list for Arma2 will be going down very soon. This means that steam will be pushing the update out for the version that moves everyone over to steam.

We are unsure when this will happen as we have not been informed, we just know that around the 30th June onwards the gamespy network will be shutdown and the arma2 game will be moving to Steam authentication just like arma3 did a few weeks back. The update will only update the game files so your custom code will remain untouched, but we cannot guaranty it will be compatible with the new game files until they are released.

We warned all customers a few weeks back about this happening but we just wanted to explain a few more things that might have been missed that will effect you as a DayZ server owner.

The UID will be scrapped as they are moving from CD-KEY to using SteamID64. This means that all of the saved data in your databases for players will not be compatable when the change happens making all player data un-useable. Player data and plot poles will be reset as the player when they rejoin after the update as they will now have new ID’s.

It is advised that you inform your players to do the following;
Pick up the plot pole for epoch if possible and save it for after the update.
Put all items from your character in to a safe/lockbox/storage shed/tent so that when they come back in as a new spawn all of their stuff is safe somewhere.

When this update is rolled out, we will be working around the clock to get all of our servers updated, and fixed to run with the latest steam build. This will mean downtime as we update all servers on the network, so we kindly ask that you keep all support tickets to a minimum, all tickets asking for status and updates for when your server will be back online will be closed with no response.
Hello Josh,

We are preparing to roll out the infrastructure changes required for Arma 2’s change to the new Steam System.

The change requires substantial modification to our backend package to ensure servers run correctly.

Starting within the next 1 hour we will be shutting off all servers to start performing the changes.  As each node is reconfigured we will turn the game servers back on.  The process is expected to take between 2 and 5 hours to complete.

Once we turn off your server DO NOT turn your server back on again.  This can possibly corrupt your server and as a result will require manual fixing.  This will extend your downtime.

Once we make these changes all servers will be running on the new Steam system from this point forward. It will not be possible to rollback.  After today, GameSpy will no longer be online which will render older versions of Arma unusable.

Notable Changes:

Once GameSpy goes offline DayZCommander will no longer work to join DayZ servers.  At this time we are unsure of if there will be an update for Commander to work with the new Steam system.

Joining servers will initially require manually enabling mods via Arma’s menu and joining servers via Arma’s in-game server browser.

Tools such as Play With Six will be updating to use the new Steam system.

We suggest following us on Twitter and Facebook for progress updates as we proceed.

I have no idea what Play With Six is, but i suppose its like DayZCommander, so if this app is able to use the new method, then so should DayZCommander.

To join for now, just launch DayZMod from the Steam menu, or however else you launch it,
On the server browser goto filter and type TheRuinz, and it should show up.


If you for some reason can’t find it, use the REMOTE button, and type the IP directly.


The IP is

I suppose the gamespy service is ABOUT to shut down, but hasnt yet, there are still some servers showing up in DayZCommander.

Our game tracker banners no longer work as well, i hope this gets resolved too.



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