Discontinued DayZ Server… for now

I admit it.. I got overly excited when I found out that the DayZ Developers had released the server files for Standalone, and I jumped the gun and ordered a DayZ server, expecting the customization to be like it was with the mod. Turns out, its no where close.

I tried for an entire month to set the server up in a way that was fun, but we are still super limited as to what we can customize, and its hard to make a unique fun server. The customization just isn’t there yet, and the game itself is a bore.

Also many of the old Dayz Modding sites are dead, which is expected, and i expect them to come back to life as time goes on.

There are much better games right now to be playing, such as Miscreated. Hopefully the’ll increase our ability to alter the game play going into the future.

I expect to have a fun Survival server up sometime in the future, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be based on DayZ. Stay tuned.

Discontinued DayZ Server… for now
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