No means no!

For the past few days people have been constantly asking admins for help. The requested help isn’t asking for info, or how to play the game, but rather assistance with a Teleport,  or free gear/food, a magical healing, etc.

Let me try to clarify what we’re attempting to do with the “No Admin Abuse” theme.

We want the server to be legit and pure. There are only a couple admins, and we are just players, who just want to play the game legit. We want everyone to have a fair gaming experience, and if one person receives magical treatment, it throws the entire game off balance, and isn’t fair to everyone. If we cave in once, the person will keep asking, and asking for things. Once others find out, they’ll start asking, and if they don’t get help, they’ll find it unfair and leave.

We have to be strict about this rule. The point of the game is to survive. Not to get help from a magical admin god.

It’s also very annoying for us to have to deal with these request while we’re attempting to play legit. It’s not as easy as you might think for us to keep our legit gear, health, and other statuses legit, and separate from a magical admin.

The only time we use our admin powers is when there is a suspected script kiddy/cheater, or if there are severe problems, bugs, and glitches on the server interfering with normal game play.

So please, just play the game people! and let us play!

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