We’re back! New NAME!

We are back! Yes, the fellas who brought you the SurvivorTalk, various minecraft and the very famous The RuinZ DayZ server are back!

We have changed the name of the site to HyZteria, since its a cool name and it better serves are overall goal and branding.

Alot has changed in the past few years. DayZ Mod is pretty much dead, and I haven’t gotten it to work for years, so the great server we once had is gone. DayZ Standalone doesn’t allow much customization and tweaks, so there’s no way to restore our awesome survival server there.

I’m not sure if anyone plays Minecraft anymore, so not sure if we’ll set up another Minecraft server, however there are many survival games coming out that I’m very excited for. Survive The Nights is one of them. I been waiting forever to even get my hands on the pre alpha, but the devs are dragging their feet on it. They have finally sent out the keys last week, and this week they should post a downloadable build on Steam. Not sure how much server customization they’ll allow us to have, but hopefully its awesome.


Another great game I’m currently playing is Miscreated. It gives me the mot DayZ Raw feel, but the Miscreated devs also don’t give us Admins full control over the server, so not sure about that either.

Anyways, We will work on some server projects.

Also we do not plan on only being a clan/server/gaming community. We also plan to branch out and cover news on games, and other related things!

Stay tuned!




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